Hi, we are Arena Collective.

We are dedicated to helping you create wedding and function events to remember. We provide premium wedding bands, photographers and videographers that guarantee a wedding that your guests will never forget. Contact us today and hire the best event services for you.

Arena Collective began with two musicians who sought to provide a platform so that people that required event services could easily find the most accomplished musicians of Brighton. We recognised the proliferation of talent that surrounded us, as well as the difficulties that can hinder top quality creatives from getting the work they deserve.

Our aim was simple; aid the talent around us and most importantly to deliver top quality service to clients through one stress free point of contact.

The vibrant music scene around us provided us with a diverse roster of select musicians. Each group offers a unique musical style and customer experience. As a result of this diversity we can cater for a range of events, from matinee shows and garden parties to wedding receptions and corporate galas.

We quickly realised that the plethora of talented artists in this city isn’t limited to musicians but that it also extends to a wide variety of other visual creatives. After successful initial bookings as solely a live music agency, we expanded our platform to represent this wider variety of creatives through additional services that enhance the client experience. Our talented roster of photographers and videographers create memories that last long after your event has ended.

Facilitating for these creatives all to work under one umbrella means that our clients can avoid the daunting task of organising an array of independent freelancers through multiple channels. It also means that the creatives can work together rather than separately to provide an easy going and streamlined service so that nothing gets in the way of the music, photography and videography being as good as they possibly can be.

We are very passionate about only working with the highest quality creatives. Being creatives ourselves we are also passionate about not exploiting the creatives we represent. This means we attract a diverse range of amazingly talented artists.

Whether wedding or corporate event, Arena Collective can deliver the event services that you need to make your event special, all through one point of contact.

We operate under three core values

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We're always out and about, check out our latest posts

We're always out and about, check out our latest posts

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